HICAPS Dental Claims

A traditional insurance claim for dental care usually requires you to make payment at the dentist and later lodge a claim yourself with your provider. They then process the claim and send you your payment. This requires you to have the necessary funds available and to wait one or more days to get your money back. Fortunately, the team at Complete Orthodontics & Dental Care accepts HICAPS dental claims, helping to make the claims process quicker, easier and more convenient. Whether you’re eligible for a government dental scheme or you’re a member of a private insurance company, our HICAPS dentist can make life simpler for you.

What is HICAPS?

HICAPS is an acronym for Health Industry Claims and Payment Service. A HICAPS claim allows you to make instant claims on the spot at your health service provider. This can save a lot of time and is much more convenient, plus you don’t have to worry about having to pay the full amount of the service and wait to be compensated by your health insurance company.

The process typically involves getting a bill from the receptionist, providing details about your cover and handing over your membership card, which is then swiped through an electronic HICAPS device. This machine automatically processes the contribution your health insurance makes, meaning you’ll only need to pay the difference if any apply.

How Do I Claim Medicare on HICAPS?

To claim your Medicare dental rebate on HICAPS, all you’ll need to do is hand us your Medicare card which we’ll swipe through the device.

Learn More about HICAPS Dental Claims Today

At Complete Orthodontics & Dental, we make it easier than ever to claim insurance on dental care services with HICAPS. Contact our helpful HICAPS dentist today to find out more.