Tooth Fillings

Tooth Fillings in Melbourne

Tooth fillings are designed to restore and protect teeth that have been impacted by cavities or tooth decay. If any hole filling or gap filling is required between teeth, Complete Orthodontics & Dental Care can help. Our dentist can remove tooth decay, clean your tooth, and fill it with a suitable tooth filling material.

Types of Fillings

Our dental filling professional can help you choose the right tooth filling material depending on factors such as the location of the tooth and your budget. Available types of fillings include:

  • Gold teeth fillings
  • Porcelain fillings
  • Composite fillings

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Need to Get Tooth Fillings?

You may require a dental filling if you’ve noticed more sensitivity or pain in any of your teeth. A dental filling may also be required if you have a gap between two teeth, necessitating a teeth gap filling.

What Are the Common Causes of Tooth Cavities?

  • Bacteria in the mouth
  • Constant snacking
  • Teeth not being cleaned correctly

After a Dental Filling Procedure, How Long Will It Hurt?

Your teeth may feel a bit sensitive right after the treatment, but after a day or two, they should start feeling normal again.

Can You Eat After a Dental Filling Procedure?

This will depend on what type of tooth filling material has been used. With a metal tooth cavity filling, you should avoid eating and chewing hard foods for at least 24 hours. With a composite filling, you can eat and chew once the anaesthesia has worn off.

How Long Does a Dental Filling Last?

Tooth fillings are not permanent and usually last anywhere between 7-20 years. However, this will depend on where the dental filling is located, its size, its material, and the state of the patient’s dental hygiene.

What is the Cost of a Tooth Cavity Filling?

The price will depend on what specific treatment and tooth filling material the dentist believes is required.

Enquire About Tooth Fillings Today

If you’ve been asking yourself “is there a clinic near me where I can get tooth fillings?”, enquire with Complete Orthodontics & Dental Care today. Call us on (03) 8790 0155 to book an appointment for a dental filling procedure at our Langwarrin clinic.