Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Langwarrin

Complete Orthodontics & Dental Care can provide dental crowns in Langwarrin to strengthen and preserve a damaged or weakened tooth. We can also create crowns to replace failed crowns, restore dental implants, or improve aesthetics. Whether you want ceramic or porcelain crowns, we can achieve aesthetically pleasing dental cap results you’ll be satisfied with.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

The longevity of a dental crown and bridges depends on multiple factors. The biggest influence is personal lifestyle and habits including diet and oral hygiene practices. There are also different types of dental crowns, some of which last longer than others.

Can I Have a Dental Crown on My Front Teeth?

Yes, our dental crown dentist can provide a crown for your front teeth. We do our best to ensure that the crown looks and feels as natural as possible, giving you the appearance and function you desire.

Do You Do Crowns?

Yes, we do. crowns require a  prior appointment, where we take an impression of your teeth and make the crown on-site while you wait.

Can a Cracked Crown be Repaired?

The severity of the damage will determine whether a crown can or cannot be repaired. Minor chips can be fixed with a composite resin, while more serious issues may require extensive reshaping.

Are Tooth/Teeth Crowns Necessary?

A dental crown procedure may be required to protect weakened teeth from breaking, hold parts of a cracked tooth together, restore already broken teeth, or cover a dental implant.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Crowns?

Some insurance providers and policies cover the crown process. If you need a crown and want to know whether your insurance will cover part or all of the cost, our dentist can provide clarification.

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