Orthodontic Appliances in Langwarrin

At Complete Orthodontics & Dental Care, we offer orthodontic treatment that utilise orthodontic appliances that can assist in correcting common orthodontics issues. After an initial assessment, our dentist will recommend any orthodontic appliances and retainers that may be necessary to improve the alignment of the jaw and help straighten teeth. Make an appointment at our Langwarrin clinic today to learn more about orthodontic appliances and determine if they might be suitable for you.

What Are the Different Types of Orthodontic Appliances?

Some of the different removable orthodontic appliances available include:

  • Aligners – Aligners are typically made out of a clear plastic material. They fit over the teeth and gradually shift their position.
  • Expansion appliance (fixed/ removable)– Expanders are a type of upper appliance that widens the upper jaw when it is too narrow. They are often used in the mouths of growing children.  
  • Twin Block Appliance-It is a functional appliance that is used to push the lower jaw forward in order to align it in with the upper jaw.
  • Retainers – After successful orthodontics treatment, retainers are worn to maintain the achieved results.
  • Space maintainers – Space maintainers are used in children to avoid crowding of teeth in cases where a baby tooth has been prematurely lost.
  • Myobrace appliance – The Myobrace appliance is a special appliance that is designed to fix misaligned teeth without braces.

How Do Orthodontic Appliances Work?

A removable appliance is made up of resin with wires on the sides, so it keeps the appliance in place.  Orthodontic appliances can each work differently depending on the specific functional appliances required for your treatment.   For example, palatal expanders can be fixed or removable plates are used to develop the upper and lower arches to alleviate crowding.

Your dentist will be able to explain how each appliance you may need will work together to remedy different issues and improve your smile.

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