The Myobrace Appliance

Complete Orthodontics & Dental Care offers the Myobrace Appliance that may be an alternative to orthodontics for certain cases. Assisting with jaw alignment and teeth straightening, Myobrace can have many benefits for the teeth, helping to fix misaligned teeth and rectify other issues without the need for braces.

What is Myobrace?

Myobrace is a special appliance for the mouth that is used to adjust misaligned teeth. It is also known as the “no-braces” method. It’s capable of straightening teeth and restoring undersized jaws. The system is distinct from other forms of orthodontics treatment because it deals with both the teeth and jaws. Myobrace treatment is ideal for children aged six to ten but can also be suitable for teenagers and adults.

The Myobrace appliance features a soft and flexible outer portion as well as a hard internal core. The appliance has the proven dual function of reforming bad oral habits that can lead to issues with dental development while also helping to align the teeth in a natural position. It trains the tongue to be arranged appropriately in the upper jaw, retraining the oral musculature and exerting light forces to keep teeth in a straight line. The treatment also makes use of myofunctional exercises and procedures to address poor oral habits.

How Does the Myobrace Appliance Work?

Your dentist at Complete Orthodontics & Dental Care will make sure you understand exactly how Myobrace works before you begin treatment, as well as providing a price estimate, showing you examples of Myobrace before and after photos, and detailing the pros and cons. The treatment involves using a series of removable dental appliances that you will wear for one to two hours daily and while sleeping at night.

Before Myobrace can be used, we recommend expansion plates to develop the arches. Using these expansion implements, we can build sufficient space to restore teeth into the correct position. Some children will only need an upper plate, while others will require plates for both the upper and lower arch. These plates are used for between six months to two years depending on the condition of the teeth. The aim is to avoid removal of teeth whenever possible, and as a result, we will only suggest extraction in extreme cases.

The moment we succeed in developing the arches, the next step is to use the Myobrace appliance. This is a brainchild of the MYO Functional Research Company in QLD, Australia. It offers a practical substitute for braces without compromising results. The Myobrace appliance trains the lips and tongue to function properly. It should be worn overnight and for a minimum of two hours during the daytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Myobrace an Alternative Approach to Orthodontics?

Yes, Myobrace offers an alternative to orthodontics in certain cases, proving that braces, teeth removal and jaw surgery are not the only options available for straighter teeth.  However, there may be circumstances when Myobrace may not work. In this case, regular braces may be recommended.

How Does Myobrace Treatment Help in Teeth Straightening?

Consistent use of the Myobrace appliance along with regular activities can bring about straight teeth and better function, along with optimal facial development and a fantastic smile. Teeth can be significantly straightened with Myobrace, along with benefits ranging from improved breathing through to better muscle function and tongue position.

Does Myobrace Work for Kids?

Yes, Myobrace works particularly well for children between the ages of six and ten due to the issues that can be prevented in children of these ages. However, older children and teenagers can also benefit from treatment with the Myobrace appliance.

Does Myobrace Work for Adults?

Yes, Myobrace can be used for adults. The Myobrace appliance can be used to align adult teeth to modify any defects without the need for braces or other devices such as retainers.

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