How It Works

How does the MYOBRACE Work?

The MYOBRACE should not seem daunting to any dental patient, kids or adults alike.

Complete Orthodontics and Family Dental Care will make sure that you understand how MYOBRACE works.

Our clinic uses the latest techniques in orthodontic appliances. Remember that teeth removal and jaw surgery are not the only options for parents and children.

Extraction may not be required at all. We recommend the use of expansion plates to develop arches. Patients can design their own plates. Using these expansion implements, we can build sufficient space to restore teeth into the correct place. Expansion devices are worn every time but can be removed when you engage in contact sports. You should also remove the plates during cleaning.

Some children will only need an upper plate while others require both. Orthopedic Plates are used from six months up to a maximum of two years depending on the seriousness of your teeth’s condition. The aim is to avoid removal of teeth whenever possible. We will only suggest extraction in extreme cases. The moment we succeed in developing the arches, the next step is to use the MYOBRACE. This is a brainchild of the MYO Functional Research Company in QLD, Australia. It offers a practical substitute for braces without compromising results.

The brace straightens teeth and trains your lips and tongue to function properly. Wear it overnight and a minimum of two hours daytime.

Our fundamental objectives are to give you a wider smile which looks more beautiful compared to narrow arches because of extraction. Furthermore, you avoid the cumbersome braces. However, there may be circumstances when MYOBRACE may not work. Then, that is the time to opt for regular braces.