Dental Check Up

Dental Check Up Services in Langwarrin

To maintain healthy teeth and an attractive smile, it is essential to visit your dentist on a regular basis for a dental check up. Not only does this give your dentist the opportunity to monitor your teeth for any potential issues such as cavities or gum disease, but it also allows them to provide a thorough clean. At Complete Orthodontics & Dental Care, we welcome locals in Langwarrin and surrounds looking to make an appointment for a low-cost dental check up and clean. Whether you want to arrange a regular dental check up appointment or you need an emergency dental check up to address an urgent issue such as pain or bleeding, our clinic is here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Frequent Should I Go for a Dental Check Up?

We recommend visiting our dentist for a teeth check up every 6 months. This gives our dentist the best possible chance of detecting issues early on while they’re still minor, preventing them from turning into larger and more costly issues. A 6-monthly dental check up and clean for adults also help to prevent issues such as bad breath.

Is It Important for Kids to Get Their Teeth Assessment Done?

Yes, it is of the utmost importance for kids to visit the dentist from a young age for regular teeth assessments. Not only will this help to get them familiar with the sights and sounds of the dentist to reduce anxiety, but it also allows the dentist to identify any issues early on. For instance, orthodontics may be necessary from a young age to lessen dental problems a child may experience as a teenager or adult. Children’s dental check up appointments are also important for educating children on the importance of good oral health.

Book a Dental Check Up Today

At Complete Orthodontics & Dental Care, we pride ourselves on providing affordable dental check ups for kids and adults to help maintain a healthy smile. Next time you’re searching online for “teeth check up dentist near me,” make an appointment at our clinic today. Call us at (03) 8790 0155 to arrange a standard or emergency dental check up at a time that suits you.