Our Team


“Hello everyone! I’m Dr Bernadeth Elisan-Santos, the clinics principal Dentist. I have been a General Dentist Practitioner for almost three decades now and still continue to further my knowledge and pursue my passion for Orthodontics. It is my desire and I aspire to give my patients the smile transformation they truly deserve. It’s what makes me happy and passionate about my job. Everyone deserves a smile they can wear proudly. Remember peace begins with a smile and when we smile at strangers we can change a life. On a personal aspect, I lead a happy life with five gorgeous kids, a wonderful Husband and a large extended family that I love to spend time and go on adventures with. I also love travelling and can carry a tune as singing is one of my hobbies. I dream that even in the face of adversity let’s continue to smile because we have beautiful teeth to show.


“Hi Everyone I’m Yashna and I have been working with this amazing team at Complete Orthodontics and Dental Care for almost 2 years now. I’m a qualified Dental Assistant and Dental Technician with 5 years of experience. In the clinic you will find me helping at the dental chair side, in the Laboratory and on certain days on the reception desk. I’m passionate in all aspects of Dentistry and enjoy making mouthgaurds, splints, essix retainers and fixed wire retainers for our beautiful patients. On my days off, I love spending time with my family and friends, exploring outdoors, reading and cooking.


“Hello! My name is Sarah and I have been working at our beautiful clinic for 2 years now. You will find me at front reception booking in your appointments and handling all the fun admin stuff alongside Bec. I am a sucker for a few things, particularly a good sunrise/sunset, bowl of pasta or a good burg and all things dog related. I cannot stand anything spicy and I am NOT a coffee drinker. I am that girl who catches up with friends for coffee and orders a hot chocolate instead. I love seeing all new and regular faces in the clinic and having a chat with you all, so next time you’re in come and say hello!


“Hi everyone, I’m Bec. I’m currently in my second year working at the clinic, Sarah and I started at the same time. You will find me mostly at the front reception and I assist occasionally if needed down the back to help the clinic run smoothly. Our clinic is full of wonderful people and it’s like a little family. When I’m not at the clinic I’m at home running our 11 acre property. I breed Gypsy Cobs (horses) and I have 10 pet sheep, a dog and a cat. I absolutely love animals and if you’re looking I recommend getting a pet chicken. They are amazing, so much personality. I am currently starting a cut flower garden, which hopefully I’ll be able to start selling flowers soon. I have a new hobby of buying seeds and I mean thousands of seeds, its addicting! I also dabble in painting, pastel, and graphite drawing. Currently working on a floral mural. Look forward to seeing you all in the clinic!


“Hey everyone I’m Rach! I have worked here at Complete Orthodontics and Dental Care for over 4 years now, and I am currently the Senior Dental Assistant! My Passions in Dental are Hygiene and oral surgery and I would love to one day further my education and become a Dental Hygienst. In the clinic you will find me floating between assisting the Dentist, answering phone enquiries and taking bookings, making retainers in the lab, or in the office taking care of management. Outside of work my partner and I have 2 beautiful daughters who are my whole world, and my hobby is gardening! Nothing makes me happier then helping our patients achieve their dream smiles.


“Hi everyone I’m Pevs and have been enjoying teaming up as a Dental Nurse in the clinic for the last 3 years. I am a mother of 2 wonderful teenagers and a wife of a very supportive and caring husband. I am passionate about a lot of things most especially cake baking and decorating, DIY’s crafting, organizing and cooking! Yes I love working with my hands! I love to make people comfortable and just be nice. I love seeing children and elderly people in the clinic and I live by the saying ‘if you do good, good will come to you’ I would love to see you in the clinic and happily assist our wonderful dentists to achieve your dream smile.


“Hi Everyone I’m Renee and I am one of the Dental Nurses at Complete Orthodontics and Dental Care. I completed my cert III in 2019. I love cosmetic Dentistry and helping people achieve a smile they can be proud to show off! On my days off I love to socialize with family and friends.